Street Banner – Community Art Project

The Heights Banner Beautification Project consisted of the development of Public Service Announcement (PSA) banners created by the children of the Newburgh Heights District, in the City of Newburgh, New York.


The purpose for the project was to educate the community about social topics, such as good health habits, neighborhood safety and neighborhood beautification. The Newburgh Heights Association coordinated the project through a grant that was awarded through the County of Orange Arts.

The project included a 3-day Workshop, an Art Opening and the Banner Street Fair Unveiling Celebration.


The basis of the art education project was to expose 7-12 year old children to high quality art that would develop their cultural awareness and appreciation of other viewpoints and give them an enriched personal satisfaction with their achievements.


In turn, the children worked with professional art educators to create PSA banners reflecting these messages. The PSA banners were installed to hang on utility poles throughout the Newburgh Heights District, providing educational art for the neighborhood, as well as inviting invisitors to the Newburgh area.


The goal of this project is to serve as a catalyst for a citywide PSA banner project in the future. This“beautification effort” using social issue awareness, illustrated with art, serves to protect and encourage the cultural heritage of each neighborhood throughout the City of Newburgh resulting in the creation of a destination for attracting tourism to Orange County.