Magazine Design, Part 4 - Designing a Spread

Readers are always looking for the latest product releases often featured in the "Marketplace" section of a magazine. Interior designers, architects and consumers use these industry resources for ideas and inspiration.


In each issue of Hudson Magazine, “InVogue” featured the latest product releases from designers and manufacturers. This section serves as a runway for many designers and showrooms in the A & D Building, the D & D Building and the New York Design Center in Manhattan. In this layout, the descriptive copy was set in a single narrow column with numerals to link text to the images. Lots of white space creates an uncluttered look to give emphasis to the products.


The "What's New" department section follows the editorial calendar schedule and focuses on a specific product group. In this layout, two different column widths are used maximizing the white space in the center, drawing readers to the featured products. A combination of two fonts in varying weights and sizes, thin hairlines, numerals, and a drop cap add interest to the layout.


Templates are not used in the "Catalog" section. Each photo is treated as a single design element. This gives the designers more freedom when deciding on the placement and size of the images. Square halftones juxtapose silhouettes to create a well-balanced design.