Digital Display Advertising - Online Banner Ads

Whether you are an online business or looking to advertise on other websites, banner ads can bring more traffic, increase sales and build the brand.

Effective banner ads must be attractive, contain pertinent content-worthy copy and prompt the viewers to respond. As your banners begin to populate the media and are viewed more often, your business is building trust.


When preparing banner ads to be used on other websites, make sure the website(s) you select shares the same target audience. You can experiment building additional segments or niches down the line, but initially you need to speak to your audience.


The banners should be enticing enough that the user will click on the ad. Also be careful not to use the same ad over and over on different websites. The audience can become immunized to your advertising and not bother to click it.


As in any form of advertising, the message and image must gain a response from the viewer. Oftentimes, clean, simple and eye-catching work the best!