Small Business Marketing – Postcard Design

Artform is currently involved in a local postcard marketing promotion introducing WALKING NEWBURGH: Historic Architectural Walking Tour, a historic walking tour taking place in the City of Newburgh, New York. The Client requested a reasonable and cost-effective campaign to promote this Walking Tour.


To date, this project includes a postcard and a banner, accompanied by PR and social media. A print advertising campaign and email marketing are in discussion for the near future.

There are many ways for small local companies to reach their prospective audience—for one—a postcard campaign that can be distributed to specific locations and mailed to targeted lists.

In addition, if a company has a brick and mortar store or is an online business, postcards can be inserted in with each purchase, promoting a future purchase.

A postcard must be visually inviting to be noticed and picked up. The image is particularly important as it must communicate a feeling or stir an interest, causing one to react, hopefully in a positive way, resulting in a business transaction. And of course the copy needs to be equally strong.


The image used in this project is a current-day photograph of a historic building in the City, enhanced to project the old world grandeur of a significant property, hundreds of years old. The colors used could easily have been plucked from a paint company’s historic color collection, colors that accurately achieve a “period” look used in yesteryear’s homes and public places.

The fonts include a classic Serif with a touch of a complementing San Serif delivering a modern sensibility to a classic design. Printed on card stock, matte-satin finish, white.