Magazine Design, Part 1 - Overview

A magazine’s design should reflect the editor's viewpoint, editorial content and the targeted audience. Designing a magazine requires research and creative concepting to deliver a unique look that is consistent with its mission.


Hudson Magazine was launched as a bi-monthly publication that featured high-end home and garden products and services geared to the sophisticated residents of the Hudson Valley in New York, and the surrounding areas of Westchester and Connecticut.  Of course, Manhattan's design centers were a very important resource for the magazine.

After studying the existing publications in the area, the designers decided on a clean and uncluttered look—well organized with a crisp layout that was easy on the eyes and soothing to the senses. 

Lots of white space and a minimal amount of color, other than the photography, would dominate the pages. Wider margins and ample leading were just some of the ways to make the pages appear light and airy, yet remain visually exciting to keep the reader's attention. Even the choice to use a very white satin-finish stock added to its fresh and crisp design.