Designing Invitations

Whether you are designing invitations for a function or a casual get-together with friends for cocktails and barbecued shrimp, the message and image should elicit a positive response, that is, "yes, we're coming."

Postcard Invitation


One of the most exciting aspects of graphic design is marrying just the right image to the copy resulting in a visual communication that gets noticed.  Most designers have developed a style that is uniquely theirs—however, each project must communicate the right message in the proper tone, one that truly represents the client and the event.

The email invite is very popular, but there something so magical about getting that little invite envelope in your mailbox. Invitations can be fun and simple, and need not be so formal always.

Fill-In Invitations


This is the perfect time to start planning fun get-togethers with pretty Fill-in Party Invitations ready to put in the mail. Your RSVPs will far exceed your wildest expectations. A designed invitation with a personal touch makes planning parties easy and breezy!
Unique INVITATIONS for all types of celebrations can be created: Wedding and Baby Showers; Birthday, Dinner, Cocktail, Garden and Engagement Parties.

Custom Invitations


So when you're ready to design you next invitation for a client, think bold and create festive and memorable imagery—really cool INVITATIONS that get a "yes" response!