Brochure Design

Corporate brochure design—a corporate brochure is one element of a company’s brand identity that communicates its message through imagery and text. It defines a company’s capabilities outlining the strategies that will retain existing customers and attract new ones.


Storm King Contracting of Montgomery, New York, contracted Artform to create a corporate brochure and a re-design of their logo. The tone of the brochure was to reflect Storm King’s 25 plus years of distinguished leadership as a full-service construction organization delivering superior quality workmanship and excellent customer service. 

From historic renovations and libraries, recreational and educational buildings, and luxury hotels, to medical facilities, large office buildings, and manufacturing plants, Storm King is unwavering in their commitment to respect the historical heritage and the natural beauty of the surrounding area (Storm King Mountain, the gateway to the Hudson Highlands) and to improve the lives of the residents and the surrounding communities.


The redesign of the logo involved changing the color palette and the font selection. The designers chose a dark maroon and black in place of the original blue and green, and they incorporated a strong all-caps font complemented by a lighter Helvetica to replace the original italicized font with a drop shadow.

The brochure followed a large format measuring 9” x 12” incorporating a balanced design using two fonts in varying weights and sizes, large areas of clean white space juxtaposed against bright full-bleed 4-color pages.


A custom presentation folder added an additional dimension to the corporate identity design. The folder measured 9.5" x 12.5" with 2 inside angled pockets, scored spine and business card slit—3 colors on a silk matte finish stock.