Design Sketchbook — Personalized Note Cards Keep You Connected!

In a tiny bit of space and with a few words, you can say so much!—Flat Note Cards that measure only 4.25 inches—It's painless!!

A wonderful way to keep in touch with your customers today is with a short but sweet note that offers a thank you, a special sale notice, a reminder of an upcoming event or just about anything that tells your customers you appreciate them.

It's a nice alternative to the constant barrage of email messages and marketing that often get tossed to the "look at later list." 

LittleNoteCard_Aquatic_ThinkingOfYou _NoteCards

These particular flat note cards measures 4.25 x 5.50 inches and are a standard size with an accompanying envelope.

A hand written note is very personal and effective, but if you feel skittish about writing the note, a preprinted message can be used and you can personally just autograph it! The imagery and card size can alter with the seasons, a theme or a specific event. Perhaps you would just like to incorporate your company branding.

A few words are very powerful. Make it even more special, hand address the envelope!